My signature Curiosity Coaching programme combines my extensive knowledge of life coaching, yoga, meditation and energy work to help you create a blueprint to transform your mindset, habits, and success. We will work one-to-one either at my studio space in South London or online (if we’re less geographically compatible).

Curiosity Coaching is for you if:

• You aren’t reaching your full potential and feel bored, ‘stuck’ and without purpose in your current situation

• Feelings of overwhelm are stopping you from taking action and you struggle making decisions

• You want to feel confident and own who you are - every (wobbly/regretful/flawed) bit of you

• Your life feels chaotic and hectic and you’d like to add some structure

• Fear of failure stops you from even trying

• You’re sick of letting your inner critic bully you and call all the shots

• Feeling anxious and stressed is affecting your daily life

• You want to make the most out of life so that you can look back when you’re an old lady and have no regrets

• Fear of failing is stopping you from finding love, starting your business and/or following your heart

• You don’t feel you’re ‘enough’ - insert the following accordingly ‘pretty enough’, ‘smart enough’, ‘good enough’


Are you ready to upgrade your life, step into your power and live a life without limits?

Curiosity Coaching will enable you to:

• Reconnect with and befriend yourself and your body so you can listen to your intuition

• Find absolute clarity on what you want from your professional/personal life and exactly how you can get it

• Be the most confident, calm and courageous version of yourself in all situations - even the ones that scare the hell out of you!

• Develop your resilience and your innate ability to bounce back bigger and better than before, no matter what hurdles life throws at you

• Discover joy, wealth and success on your terms so that you can become the most fulfilled version of yourself

• Find excitement in your everyday and enjoy the little things in life

What clients are saying:


The sessions are priceless and I am so lucky to have found a coach that is able to see through my disguise of ‘yes, I have it all sorted’ and challenges me with kindness and empathy, yet drives action from me!

— Neeta, Bicester


“Catri's approach had the greatest impact”

I have been around the world to personal development seminars by renowned doctors but Catri's approach had the greatest impact on me. I look at everything with a new perspective now.

— Jodi, Oxford

What to expect:

Over the course of the programme I will guide you through my 7 pillars of transformation: curiosity, connection, breath, mindset, emotional intelligence, body intelligence and balance. I do this by incorporating breathwork, yoga postures, meditation, energy work, and coaching techniques into each of our sessions.

I share with you my favourite and most trusted techniques that I have learned over the past 6 years and what has helped me on my own transformational journey overcoming an anxiety disorder, depression, CFS and eating disorders.

We will work on:

• Creating a new, more positive, belief system and letting go of old unhelpful beliefs

• Developing your self-awareness and mindfulness skills so that you can enjoy each moment of your life

• Understanding what triggers your unhelpful behaviors/thoughts/feelings so you can make sustainable changes and let go of what is no longer serving you

• Mind management - how to recognise and reframe unhelpful thought patterns

• Reprogramming your mind and creating new helpful habits

• Creating a blueprint to your unique health, happiness and success that you can live by going forward

• Tapping into your inner GPS so you follow your inner guide - your intuition

• Understanding and decoding your emotions

• Building your sense of purpose so you can drive your life forward in the direction you want

• Identifying and releasing energy blocks and imbalances in your mind and body that are holding you back

• Creating balance between Yin and Yang energies in your mind and body

What’s included:

• Initial 90minute session

• 7x 60minute sessions - delivered over 3-6months

• Unlimited contact with me between sessions via email and whatsapp (including lots of motivational voicenotes to keep you on track!)

• Sound recordings of the sessions (video if it’s on skype)

• Handouts and homework (the good kind) after each session

• A personalised meditation recording tailored to help you reach your specific goals

• Personalised recordings of visualisations and breathing exercises

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Are you ready to get curious and change you life?

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