Hi, I’m Catri - the Curiosity coach

I’m a transformational life coach, podcast host and speaker with a huge passion for instilling a sense of curiosity in myself, and others, to help let go of stress, overwhelm, low confidence and to prevent burnout.

Six years ago I was so overwhelmed and exhausted that I spent up to 20hours a day in bed. I was lost. Stuck. So disconnected from myself and my body that could no longer engage with day to day life. Thoughts about not being good enough, fears of things going wrong and not knowing how to change these things kept me trapped in a cycle of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and chronic illness for over a decade. When I hit rock bottom (for the hundredth time) I knew that something had to change…

I read countless self-development books and started practicing yoga. Slowly, I began to see positive changes to all areas of my life. The more I ‘woke up’ to myself and understood it was MY inner world that was causing me all these problems, not the outside world that I had been blaming for so long, I became passionate about helping others have the same realisations I had.

I went on to train as a yoga and meditation teacher, holistic therapist, energy healer and life coach. I learnt that it was my limiting beliefs, negative mindset and lack of self-awareness that had been keeping me stuck unhelpful patterns for so long. I befriended and balanced my mind and body, learned how to truly be in the moment, and understood how to manage my emotions. I unlocked my inner power. I started living limitlessly.

I promised myself that I would dedicate my life to helping others, just like you, do the same.